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Kovit Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing automotive accessories including Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Roll Bar, Towing Bar, Bull Bar, Side Step, and Roof Rack for 4WD vehicles and pick-up trucks.

All of our products are marketed under the brand “Giant 4X4 Accessories”. The annual output is totally more than 80,000 pieces.


Having developed for several years, starting in 2001, we started with the first universal rear step bumper, model 103, to fit all pick-up truck made from 1995 to 2000 year model. This universal rear bumper is made by deep drawing technology in steel fabrication then hand polished by dedicated workers and chromed with advance triple plated chroming process.

In 2003, we developed three more designs of the universal rear bumpers to our product lines including model 104, model 105 and model 106. All bumpers are also designed to suit for all pick-up trucks ranged from year 1995 to 2005 model with universal bracket, but they also can be fitted on most models made from year 2006 to 2008 with specific brackets.

In 2005, with substantial changing in car design from major car companies, the dimension of each pick-up truck made from one company is noticeably different from others. For the reason, we jumped ahead off our oppositions to develop specific rear step bumper exclusively for each pick-up trucks models to fit each car better with aero dynamic and fine-looking improvement. Wide selections of rear bumpers are available in brilliant chrome, color and powder coated finish including model 107 for Hilux VIGO, model 111 for Isuzu D-Max, and model 112 for Nissan Navara.

In 2008, we are the first pioneer of making stainless steel rear step bumper in deep draw forming technology. These series of rear bumper including model 105ST, 107ST, and 111ST are developed to satisfy the rust proof requirement in many countries and to improve the durability of the bumper. They are also formed by deep drawing technology in stainless steel fabrication then hand polished by dedicated workers to mirror finish and combined with anti slipping PP foot step.

Also, our Front Bumper and Roll-Bar are perfectly bended with CNC mandrel machine to ensure that every turn is in a perfect shape without ripples wrinkles. Grade T-304 stainless steel with 8% nickel is preferred material that we Always choose to produce all tubular products such as front bar, side bar, and roll bar. After perfect bending with mandrel CNC machine, all tubular products will be buffed by hand to mirror finished by dedicated workers who has more than 15 years experience in finishing stainless steel and fabricated steel.

Furthermore, we also pay our attention on all fitting equipment. All bolts and nuts are galvanize-zinc plated to ensure rust proof. Again, either stamping or laser cutting is preferred process in making all brackets for our bumpers. Then the finishing for all fitting kits is powder coated. Those are the reasons that if you are looking for pick-up trucks accessories especially bumpers, look no farther than GIANT 4x4 Accessories by Kovit Auto Part Co., Ltd. In 2009, we are still developing and expanding our product range to Towing Bar, Bull Bar, Side step, and Roof Rack. We will always keep satisfying the world’s demand of pick-up truck and 4x4 accessories as our promise.

In addition, Customization and expert advice are also available at our company. With more than 15 years in steel fabrication expertise, we can make your design come true or, at least, give you valuable piece of advice. We guarantee that every minute that you spend with us will be worthy and reasonable

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